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Install Grid Tie Power Inverter and Remain Free from Tension

The use of Power inverters nowadays has become very common in order to overcome the power cut. Grid tie power inverter is one of the best options to get uninterrupted power supply. Basing on the different types of technology there are different types of grid tie power inverters are available in the market.
Solar Grid tie Inverter is a special type of DC to AC power inverter which is used primarily in renewable energy applications. The term ‘grid-tied’ means that the house is still connected to the local utility power grid. Grid-tied inverters change the direct current (DC) from the power source and turn it into the same kind of alternating current (AC) that is supplied by the electric company. This is the reason why this is popularly known as DC to AC power inverter.

Before purchasing grid tie inverters, following points should be kept in mind.
·         Rated output power provided in watts or kilowatts.
·         Peak efficiency which indicates the highest level of efficiency that the device can achieve.
·         Maximum input current i.e the maximum amount of direct current that the device can use.
·         Start voltage that indicates the minimum DC voltage required for the device to turn on and begin working.
·         The protection that the device has against water.

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